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            The conceptual scheme design of construction engineering determines the general architectural scheme which meets the requirements of building use function, beautiful shape and advanced technology. According to the basic design principles and design ideas formed by the theoretical and experimental research results and engineering experience, the general layout of the building and structure is carried out and the detailed structure is determined.
            Conceptual design is a stage of design. According to the conception strategy of the design object, simple and clear expression forms are used to discuss the conception. Such a process of combination of strategy and form can be considered as conceptual design.
            In conceptual design, for example, when brainstorming is used for scheme creation, experience design ideas can be better integrated into it, that is, more attention should be paid to the feelings of product users rather than the product itself. For example, according to the requirements of different users and enthusiasts, in different virtual environments, let them experience the experience of modifying the model; use the touch screen to select many optional parts such as product shape, color, decoration style, etc.
            When rendering and generating a very realistic 3D model, we fully feel the "real" situation of our favorite products in the virtual environment. Even according to the suggestions of users, some users can be invited to put forward modification opinions on the model directly with the designer, and observe the design and modification process until most people are satisfied.